Guest Information

The House rules have been approved by the Board of the Club and are intended for the guidance of the members. Any questions should be directed to the Club Manager.

Dress Code:

  • Members and guests are asked to preserve the decorum and the professional ambiance of the Club.
  • Business-casual attire is permitted in all areas of the clubhouse with the exception of the Main Dining Room on the second floor, where coat and tie for gentlemen and comparable attire for ladies is required.
  • Business-casual attire includes dress denim and collared shirts.  It does not include athletic attire, shorts, tee-shirts (or other collarless shirts), or clothing that is frayed, tattered or torn.
  • Exceptions for athletic attire and shorts are permitted for overnight room guests going directly to or from their overnight rooms.
  • Exceptions to the dress code may, on occasion, be made for specific club events.

Invited Guests:

  1. The facilities of the Club are for the exclusive use, accommodation, and enjoyment of the members and their guests, and members of other private clubs with which Arlington Club reciprocates. None of the Club’s facilities is available to the general public.
  2. All guests should be accompanied by a member except for those individuals holding a guest card.
  3. No invitation to the Club may be issued and no entertainment at the Club may be held in any name other than that of a member or a member of a reciprocal club.  A non-member or a corporation may not be a host or co-host.  An exception will be made for weddings when the bride or groom is a member or a son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter of a member.
  4. Written invitations should be directed personally to each guest.   Public notices or other published means of inviting guests are not permitted.
  5. Members are responsible at all times for the conduct and behavior of their guests, including compliance with House Rules, as well as for all charges associated with their guests.
  6. Club guests who are not members of  reciprocal clubs may not invite other guests to the Club.
  7. Individuals who are members of other clubs having reciprocal arrangements are entitled to full use of the Club without restriction, including having guests for dining or other functions. The Club Manager and/or House Committee have discretionary power to limit the number of visits the members of reciprocal clubs can utilize the Club in a certain time period.
  8. In general, members are discouraged from bringing guests under 18 years of age, however this rule is relaxed during the holiday seasons, during special events involving the  family, and at private functions such as a wedding at which children may be appropriate.


  1. Various areas of the Club are available for meetings and parties.  The following functions are not permitted at the Club:
    1. Gatherings to which tickets are sold or at which the guests pay for their own share of expenses.
    2. Fund raising events at which attendance implies or requires a contribution.
    3. Parties in which a substantial number of guests are under the age of 25.

    4. Any questions regarding appropriate meeting use should be directed to the Manager.
  2. All activities at the Club are considered private.  No information regarding any function held at the Club shall be released to the media.  In the event members of the media are guests, they should be advised by their host that Club activities may not be reported.
  3. Photographs may be taken solely for the use of the Club or the personal use of the members of the group photographed. Photographs may not be used for a non-Club publication without the prior approval of Club Management.
  4. When a group gathering does not have exclusive use of the Club, members and their guests should be respectful of other members and guests who may also be using the Club.

Other House Rules:

  1. Members, guests, and members of reciprocal clubs may use the overnight rooms subject to availability and the making of advance reservations.  In addition, reciprocal club members using the overnight rooms may reserve rooms for individuals traveling with them; however the reciprocal club member shall be responsible for all charges. As the rooms are for transient use, any use for longer than 14 days requires prior approval of the House Committee.  Such requests should be directed to the Club Manager.
  2. No employee shall be reprimanded by a member.  Any complaints as to service should be reported to the House Committee or the Manager.
  3. Tipping of any Club employee is strictly prohibited.  Members and guests may contribute to the “Employee Christmas Fund”.
  4. Members and guests shall not send employees on errands outside of the Club House.
  5. No briefcases, business papers, lap top computers, or cellular phones of any kind are permitted in the common rooms of the Club with the following exceptions:
    1. Such items are permitted in the private meeting areas and hotel rooms.
    2. Discreet use of PDA devices is permitted in the bar and library.
    3. Use of laptop computers is permitted in the library.
    4. Discreet use of business papers in the bar and library is permitted.

    5. Please note that:
    1. The reading of newspapers, books and periodicals is permitted in the common areas of the clubhouse.
    2. No audible electronic are permitted in the common areas of the club.
    3. Members and guests should be respectful of the quiet atmosphere in the Club and in particular conversations should not be held in the library when it may disturb those who are reading.
  6. No animals, other than seeing eye or personal service dogs, will be allowed in the Club.
  7. The Club recommends moderation in the use of alcohol and enforces the following guidelines:
    1. No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone under 21 years of age. The staff is authorized to verify age if there is any question.
    2. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to any person visibly intoxicated.
    3. An employee shall be subject to disciplinary action for serving alcoholic beverages to a visibly intoxicated person
    4. Visible intoxication by a member or a guest in the Club will not be condoned.

    5. Repeated violations by a member will constitute grounds under the bylaws for suspension or expulsion.
  8. The Club is not responsible for articles left in the Club by members or guests.
  9. Any article of Club property which is removed or damaged by a member or their guest shall be repaired, replaced, or paid for by the member.
  10. For health and safety reasons smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Club, including the bar. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for member and guest comfort, subject to:
    (a) applicable law, and (b) the prior approval of, and restrictions imposed by, the Board, occasional smoking may be permitted from time to time.
  11. All members are expected to abide by the House Rules as approved by the Board.  Any infringement of the House Rules will be dealt with by the House Committee or the Board.